Many of us are busy and are always on the go. And definitely, it is more convenient for us to grab takeaway foods than preparing our own meals. In Australia, people spend around a third of their weekly food budget on takeaway food and on the average, they consume these foods 2.5 times per week.

Takeaway food come in handy and are sometimes cheaper than other food options. But what about its nutrient content? Convenience foods usually contain increased amounts of added salt, sugar and even fats with minimal nutrient content. Most of these foods have a salt content level higher than recommended. Australians typically consume more than or even twice the maximum salt limit a day which is 6 grams mostly coming from processed foods.

This also goes true for sugar wherein certain foods such as bread and dessert items contain as much as 12 teaspoons of sugar or more. Whereas, the World Health Organization’s recommended limit is only 6-12 teaspoons of sugar a day. To add to its appeal, some takeaway food items are served in extra large portions, of course with higher levels of salt and sugar.